Confirming Ketanji Brown Jackson

When President Biden promised to nominate a candidate that was black, female and bipartisan as a Supreme Court Justice, he got the attention of black women. Would he fulfill this promise? What would this mean for us and our girls? The president was true to his word and during the confirmation hearings, it became obvious how black women had to work twice as hard to get half as far. But the difficulty of the day didn’t stop Ketanji Brown Jackson from shining bright and manifesting the awakening of a new dawn for black girls in America.

Judge Jackson looked radiant and black in her locks as she weathered through the storms of questions challenging her qualifications to earn a seat at the table. By answering the questions and succeeding at the hearing, she inspired every other black girl to occupy the space they want for themselves. No more shrinking themselves for others to shine. No more keeping quiet for others to be heard.

Black girls in America now have a new sense of pride and hope because of Judge Jackson. Her nomination to the Supreme Court shows that they can make it to the highest point they desire without apologizing for it. They can occupy any office they want without changing their appearance for it. They can become who they want to be without straightening their curls. They only need to show their true authentic self with the required qualification. Anything is possible, and they can accomplish anything they set their hearts/minds to achieve.

If there is any work to be done, it is to recognize the opportunities in America and see that nothing is standing between our children and the achievement of their goals, not the color of their skin or gender. Judge Jackson has shown that even if a girl wants to operate in a field where no one looks like her, she can lead the way. As parents, we are not to shut the door on our Children’s dreams. We are to let them know that if Judge Jackson could do it, then you can too.

Until Judge Jackson, a woman’s accolades and education just never seem enough. Her experience and achievements never suffice. There’s always someone preferred because they fit more into the model of what a girl should look like or what a woman’s appearance should be like. Now, that is coming to an end as we see locks in high places. We see black in high places. We see females in high places and we see that nothing stops any black girl from getting anywhere she envisions herself in America.

Black girls are not a monolith, and Judge Jackson is one of many examples of how a black woman does not have to change herself to fit in. She deserves the chance to prove herself and occupy her place in the world.